The Brief

A motorcycle dealership recognised the most successful part of their business was selling good quality used bikes. However, their challenge was finding and purchasing the right motorcycles. They contacted AST and asked for our suggestions. We suggested developing a campaign utilising paid for social media.

The Solution

After researching the market we developed a set of USPs which would differentiate themselves from the competition. A series of online ads were produced plus a landing page with a strong call to action.

The Result

After the campaign ran for a month the results were such that the client increased the media spend by 50%. The marketing has been so successful that the client is planning opening a new branch.

We have been working with AST for 3 months and the results have been amazing. Whilst we were aware of the impact of social media we were unsure how to use to maximise results.

This is where AST came in. We met with Alan and Elliott who then came up with a campaign directed to our target audience. They were easy to work with, very accommodating, listening to us all the way along the process and guiding us with their expertise.

The campaign has worked really well and we are looking forward to continuing with AST as we develop the business”.              

Billy Sutton

Managing Partner, Hastings Motorcycle Centre

If this local business was able to get more potential customers and reach new levels of success with Facebook Ads, you can too!

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