Digital Signage

When you walk down a high street you may notice many large chain stores have screens either within or facing out from the store which display information about their latest offers, products, news and events. This is known as digital signage, business owners often think that digital signage is too expensive or complicated for them to manage but with our help this is not the case.

We have partnered with a company named Adgen, who have developed an innovative digital signage content management solution which allows user to create and manage digital signage for their venue.

With our help and Adgen’s software digital signage doesn’t have to be a resource which only the large chains can tap into. We’re currently helping smaller chains and single sites run digital signage within a range of industries such as: Pubs, bars, restaurants, mobile phone stores, hairdressers, cafes, casinos, retail outlets, convenience stores, showrooms and many more.

We’re happy to help with every stage of your digital signage install, from supply and install of screens, software installation, content creation and content management.

What are the benefits of digital signage?

Cost effective

More and more companies are realising the power of having digital signage at their disposal. For one there are no more printing costs to worry about. Although digital signage can have a high upfront cost the return on investment in the long run outweighs the need for recurring printing fees.

Buyer Influence

Digital signage can make a significant impression on a customer. Most purchasing decisions are normally made in store and when you combine that with a digital display which includes high quality images and persuasive messaging it shows you how powerful it can be.

Increase revenue

By selling advertising space to other local businesses you can create a whole new revenue stream. Local businesses such as tradesmen and restaurants can benefit from the additional exposure and you can benefit from the additional revanue.

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