Google Ads

We’ve built and managed Google ad campaigns for clients of all shapes and sizes. As a Google ad partner, our focus is on driving the maximum number of conversions at the minimal Cost Per Click (CPC), to ensure you’re receiving the best return on your investment. 

Google Ads accounts for 33% of global advertising revenue and 97% of Google’s revenue.

Google Ads allows you to bid on the search terms you choose and compete with other advertisers to get in front of relevant customers.

Before setting up any campaign within Google Ads, we perform extensive industry research and plan out our campaigns accordingly. Using this, we can build out relevant campaigns that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

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Our Approach to Google Ads


Keyword research and analysis

In order to succeed with Google ads its crucial to do inial keyword research. To do this we use our keyword insights tools and carry out competitor analysis.

Ad Set up

Once the research is complete we can then build out relevant campaigns that will drive highly targeted visitors to your website.

Google Ad management & Optimisation

We have perfected our ad management strategies to ensure that our campaigns meet your goals whether that be new business or high levels of exposure.


A comprehensive report showing all engagement is produced on a regular basis. Which we will discuss with yourselves and decide on future activity.

We are a Google Partner
Our Google Partner status provides us with direct access to the Google team and additional insights, whilst showcasing our advanced capabilities across related ads platforms.

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