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The use of digital signage is becoming more prominent today and it’s one of the fastest growing advertising tools being used. Businesses are starting to see the positive effects of it and how it can influence their customers as well as grow sales and boost revenue. Below are 7 benefits of digital signage.

1. Attention grabbing

Digital signage has a unique way of subtly grabbing your attention without it being too in your face. Whereas TV, radio and print are a more direct approach. The signs offer high definition displays which are complemented with vivid colours. They also have the ability to include
news feeds and video which helps them to connect with potential customers.

2. Web connected

One of the major benefits of digital signage is that it can be connected to the web which allows for a large variety of updates, from news and sports fixtures to changes in pricing. Bars and restaurants in the hospitality sector can benefit from updated menus and last minute food and drinks deals.

3. Updated content

Content is easily updated at any time, meaning there are no expensive print costs. Everything can be changed at the click of a button. For example, a pub could use a digital menu board to display a variety of menus throughout the day from breakfast through to dinner. Updating content on a regular basis means that it will never go out of date like print advertising can do.

Digital-signage-slideshow_0003_IMG_69534. Buyer influence

Digital signage can make a significant impression on a customer. Most purchasing decisions are normally made in store and when you combine that with
a digital display which includes high quality images and
persuasive messaging it shows you how powerful it can be. Many people have probably made an impulse buy at some point, and if you’re one of them you’re in the 19 percent of consumers who’ve been influenced by a digital sign.

5. Showcase

Using this new form of advertising technology gives businesses the chance to show off a little. The platform offers companies the chance to be creative with their marketing campaigns. The high-resolution screens can give the viewer a much crisper look compared to a static image.

6. Cost EffectiveDigital signage example

More and more companies are realising the power of having digital signage at their disposal. For one there are no more printing costs to worry about. Although digital signage can have a high upfront cost the return on investment in the long run outweighs the need for recurring printing fees.

OK, so you might have an initial installation fee and occasional maintenance costs but once in place your business is free to put up any advertisement or interactive display as and when it chooses.

7. Audience engagement

Print ads don’t offer the same appeal they once did. They’ve lost their wow factor and with the introduction of digital signage it hasn’t helped their cause.

The modern day digital sign can create engaging content which will attract the right audience and demographic, depending on the campaign. The retail sector is where audience engagement comes into its own as they can reach out to their customers in a wide range of new and unique ways to sell their products and services.

If you’re interested in using digital signage for your business then speak to the experts at Zen Marketing Solutions today!