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We all know someone with a blog. “Blogging” is a concept almost as old as the internet itself. People blog about a wide range of topics. You may have read a blog about cooking, cycling or fashion. However, blogging is no longer simply a medium for enthusiast to discuss their hobbies. Many businesses have recognised the marketing potential on the internet, and blogging is one of many opportunities to, not only reach new customers, but also, create and nourish your business’s identity. After all, 46% of people read blogs more than once a day.


  1. More Traffic = More Customers

Creating a blog means that people may find their way to your website while browsing the internet for certain topics relevant to your business. This will draw in potential customers. For example, an IT company may make a blogpost about the best database software (eg: Top 5 Database Applications). Then, when a person searching for database software comes across this blogpost, they may consider purchasing goods or services from the business, as this is relevant to their interests. Another example, take a plumbing business. They may make a post about common plumbing issues, such as how to avoid frozen pipes or how to fix low water pressure. Again, this could lead the reader to purchase the business’s goods or services.


  1. Blogging is an SEO Goldmine

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a keyword for businesses looking to find success with an internetBlogging presence. It refers to increasing the possibility that people will find their way onto your website through search engines. A blog will help people find your website, and therefore business, by supplying many words and phrases onto your website, making it more likely to appear on a Google search. Additionally, a blog will ensure your website will consistently have fresh content. Search engines are designed to identify newer content and active webpages. Regular blog posts will increase your business’s visibility on the internet.


  1. Blogging Contributes to your Business’s Culture

Blogging is more than a marketing opportunity. The effect of business blogging is not solely bringing in new customers. Existing customers may also take an interest in your blog. A blog is an opportunity to be informal and personal. It is a platform where you may share the philosophy and passions behind your business. When a customer sees a business with an active blog, they will recognise the care and dedication the business has put in. Additionally, the blog will provide an opportunity for customers to communicate with the business in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. A customer will have more interest in a business that is actively interacting with its customers and maintaining an online presence.


  1. Blogging is a Networking Opportunity

Earlier I mentioned how a blog will bring potential customers to your website. It is unlikely that a blogger will link people to your website for products and services, however, they would link others to an interesting blog post. Consider this: one blogger discovers your blog through Google, and then links one of your posts to five other people. Then those five people share it with five other people.  The opportunity to grow your business here is huge, and there is little-to-no downside.


These are only some of the reasons that business blogging is a great opportunity, we also have plans to publish blogs with many other marketing techniques which can help businesses acquire new customers and make more money.

Do you want to learn how to get more customers for your business?